1. Where She Goes

From the recording Where She Goes

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Where She Goes - Indie Folk Pop single

PRODUCTION NOTES: Engineered, mixed, and mastered at Winghaven Studios. Recorded in U.S.A.

℗ © 2022 Jeff Kain/Connie Kain (BMI) Winghaven Music®, LLC All Rights Reserved


Where she goes
She will never tell me
She will never say where she has been
What she makes
She can never sell me
She would rather stray than be my friend
Home she leaves
Fearful never-ending
Always pretending to be strong
Below the ruse
Faith is her fuse
She’d rather back away than play along
Light of day
She sleeps away her sorrow
Awaiting tomorrow to arise
Night reappears
Fading into years
Stark shadows obscure the tears she cries
Run she must
Deeper into madness
No one can extract her from her blues
The penalties of trust
Seem to cost too much
She must pay the price for those she used
Where she hides
No soul will find her
Until she comes to terms for what was cruel
Blame’s a losing game
Portrayed by another name
I guess she must have played me for a fool