1. Sometimes

From the recording Sometimes

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Sometimes - Indie Singer-Songwriter

PRODUCTION NOTES: Engineered, mixed, and mastered at Winghaven Studios. Recorded in U.S.A.

℗ © 2023 Jeff Kain/Connie Kain (BMI) Winghaven Music®, LLC All Rights Reserved


Sometimes I feel helpless
Sometimes I am strong
Sometimes I’m in the middle of
Somewhere I don’t belong

Sometimes, sometimes

Yeah somethings are amiss
Somethings are never seen
And sometimes I confess
We’re miles in between

Somethings, oh somethings
Yeah sometimes, sometimes

Sometimes I don’t know
I won’t let my feelings show
So I pick my aching ego off the floor
Sometimes I’m not sure
How much more I can endure
I won’t look back as I’m walking out the door

Yeah somedays I stopped givin’
Somedays I was wrong
Sometimes I’m half-livin’
Oh the nights can be so long

Somedays, oh yeah somedays

Sometimes we play with sticks
And sometimes we cast our stones
Sometimes we are quick
To shield our hearts and bones

Sometimes, oh sometimes
Yeah sometimes, mmm sometimes
Oh sometimes, ah